Flavor Monsters are the main enemies in the "Flavor Monsters" app. They represent the artificial flavors added to tobacco products to mask the bitter taste. As such, they often appear as monsterous, mutated fruit or animals. In the game, they were made by tobacco companies to entice kids and teens to use their products, but something went wrong and the flavor monsters went on a rampage all over America.


All flavor monsters start out as cute, little critters with puppy dog eyes and adorable smiles. After a few minutes, they start to vomit up a thick, tar like substance that has a horrible stench to it, representing the tar in tobacco products. As they do this, their bodies start to warp and twist, growing sharp teeth, sunken eyes and a variety of other horrific appendages. After this, they go on a rampage, vomiting up more gunk on their targets. The only known defense against the flavor monsters are anti-radiation weapons.

Wild Apple in mid-transformation