The Strawberry Brute is one of the flavor monsters encountered in the app. It represents the strawberry flavoring for tobacco products. It has a several spikes growing on its body, reminiscent of strawberry seeds. It has a red body that transitions to a green color as it goes to the top. It has a lob jaw with two tusks growing out of its chin. On the top of its head, it has spikey, green hair where the leaves and stem should be.It appears as one of the flavor monsters in the simulator at the "45 Flavors Booth".


Strawberry Brute statue at comicon


  • The Strawberry Brute is one of the mascots of the Flavor Monsters app, along with Honey Buzzer and Wild Apple.
  • As a promotion for the app, along with the Syfy series "Face Off", one of the members of Truth was made up to look like a humanoid version of the Strawberry Brute(Complete with paint job and prosthetics.) by one of the contestants, Rod Maxwell.
  • Of the three mascot flavor monsters, Strawberry Brute is the only one whose cute form wasn't revealed.
  • At the "45 Flavors Booth", there is a statue of Strawberry Brute at the entrance.

    The Strawberry Brute make up job